Hazardous Chemical Substances

A hazardous chemical substance is any toxic, harmful, corrosive, irritating or asphyxiant substance with a prescribed exposure limit or which has a detrimental effect on health. Examples of hazardous chemical substances include silica dust, benzene and coal dust, Employees are exposed to hazardous chemical substances in various activities at a workplace. Exposure to hazardous chemical substances may occur through various exposure routes which include inhalation, ingestion, skin absorption and injection.  Exposure may result to negative health impact to the exposed employee.

As such,it is important that exposure to hazardous chemical substances is either prevented or controlled. A risk assessment will identify the hazardous chemicals that employees are exposed to. This will result in a program that is aimed at preserving the health of the employee. Various measuring equipment are used to quantify the exposure of employees that will determine if exposure exceeds prescribed exposure limits.

Specific procedures should be put in place to ensure that handling and storage of hazardous chemical does not put the health and safety of the employee at risk of getting exposed. 

Our team of competent occupational hygiene consultants can assist, advise and guide you regarding use of hazardous chemical substnances at your workplace. With the use of specialised equipment we are able to determine the exact concentration of hazardous chemical substances that employees are exposed to.