You have come to the right source of information for occupational health and hygiene services. As an Approved Inspection Authority: Occupational Health and Hygiene, SeniNhle Occupational Health Services (Pty) Ltd will assist you as you set up programs to protect the health and safety of employees at your workplace. SeniNhle Occupational Health Services was started in the year 2000 to serve clients that require trusted occupational health and hygiene professionals to assist them with occupational hygiene stressors at their workplaces. We understand the demands of having to meet with the requirements of occupational health and hygiene legislation. We are specialists in providing medical surveillance and occupational hygiene services to those clients that are serious about the heath and safety of employees, who believe that occupational health and safety makes business sense.

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Industry and Target Market

Occupational health and hygiene has become an integral part of running sustainable businesses. Businesses that invest in health and hygiene of their employees invest in business sustainability. On the other hand such businesses are taking steps that will ensure that they manage future liabilities that may result from employee illness as it has become a trend globally.


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Our Value Benefit

SeniNhle Occupational Health Services (Pty) is an Approved Inspection Authority: Occupational Health and Hygiene. Therefore, you will be served by properly accredited and trusted professionals. Because of our years of experience in the field of occupational health and hygiene, our occupational health and hygiene solutions are realistic and have been tested in many settings.